суббота, 10 мая 2014 г.

9 ways for fashion girls

Summer soon. 
And that means it's time to talk about what will be fashionable this summer.
I know that many girls do not know what kind of shoes to choose for summer walks and visits. 

♦ For summer wolks whith friends best suited low-soled sandals

My personal preference - it simply and succinctly. 
Why do I think so? 
because there is nothing better than simplicity. 

♦ When you go walk whit boyfriend - choose shoes like next

genius in simplicity - a smart man once said. 
And I follow this rule for life. 
What is there about the shoes? 
I chose a great spring and summer options of stylish footwear, which will be relevant in the summer 2014.

And the last 

♦ if you business-lady you can choose these classic elegant options
I do not randomly chose these three colors - they are the most practical and classical.

I hope my advice helped you.
have a good summer!!!

be fashion

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