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Magic wand for fashion bloggers

Hello dear bloggers.
Today I want to tell you a little trick for beginners fashion bloggers.
I hope the information I will tell you be for you useful and interesting.
Do you know about the existence of the site, which is a magic wand for fashion bloggers?
View this site you can by clicking here.
bloggerprogram.com is some database online retailers who are looking for fashion bloggers.

Today more and more people interested in fashion are asking themselves the question: "how to make money on my love."
It is well known that the best work - it is a favorite hobby.
So why not combine business with pleasure?
If you have your own style, love of writen and have their own audience - all you need is to call yourself a fashion blogger and go in search of sponsors.
Where to go? - You ask.
There are two ways:
1. Myself search online stores that have fashion blogger program and need fresh faces.
In this case, it will take a lot of time and effort.
I say to my own experience, attempts write to shops are not always successful.
You need checked websites that are successfully used by more than one blogger.
That is why there is a second way:
2. As I wrote earlier, there is a database of online stores - bloggerprogram.com.
This site providing links verified stores.
Each store added description and requirements for bloggers.
So then everything was done that could easily cooperation whit representative shops and soon get their well-deserved sponsors.
Site has categories stores: fashion / jewerly / glasses

Why I am sharing with you my discovery?
When I started to write about my style I was looking for own online stores and offered them cooperation.
But now, when there is a good database references online stores - bad deed will keep it a secret.
Hopefully novice fashion bloggers will be interesting to see this site bloggerprogram.com.
I promise that everyone will find here that anything interesting for yourself.
Have a nice day!

Be fashion!

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